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Tankmasters, Inc.

Why Tankmasters

Tankmasters, Inc., Tank Testing & Inspection, Sparks, MD


Comparing Tankmasters to the competition makes the decision comparatively easy! Tankmasters The Competition
20 years of underground storage tank industry experience and expertise √ Yes √ Maybe
Testing accuracy is 100% guaranteed √ Yes √ No
Same day test results on most UST tests √ Yes √ No
Landscaping is a very high priority, including the use of screened loam, strawing the site and making it look nice afterwards √ Yes √ Maybe
Prompt reliable service √ Yes √ Maybe
Able to conduct tests when the tank is not filled √ Yes √ Maybe
Cementing both the fill and vent pipes on both the inside and outside of the home √ Yes √ Maybe
Use of diamond-core bits to bore pipe holes √ Yes √ No
Electronic transmission (email or fax) of all reports and documents √ Yes √ Maybe
Uses certified EzyChek Estabrook testing procedures and protocols √ Yes √ No
Extensive experience with real estate processes and transactions √ Yes √ Maybe
Provide both licensed testing and removal of USTs √ Yes √ Maybe
Service both above and below ground tank remediation √ Yes √ Maybe
Service both indoor and outdoor tank installations √ Yes √ Maybe
Service year-round in all four seasons √ Yes √ Maybe
Provide vac services √ Yes √ Maybe