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Tankmasters, Inc.



In 1996, Tankmasters developed a comprehensive range of licensed services to meet the increasing need of both homeowners and companies in the region who were looking for prompt, reliable and accurate tests for their underground storage tanks. Tankmasters is a customer-first company that stands behind its work 100%, with a mission statement that says it all:

We provide fast, clean, courteous service with prompt accurate results.

Tankmasters was founded specifically to meet the needs of different types of customers:

  • Homeowners

  • Real estate agencies

  • Commercial property management companies

  • Governmental agencies and non-profit organizations

  • Companies who sell heating oil, gas and other UST providers

To homeowners and real estate agencies, Tankmasters provides UST testing, tank installations, tank removal and abandonment, soil testing and backhoe rentals (with an operator). We are sensitive to the needs of both the buyers and sellers of homes and to the importance of prompt, reliable UST tests. We work every day with real estate agents, who consistently rave about how responsive and reliable Tankmasters is. For example, Tankmasters is one of the very few companies in Maryland that actually provides same-day results on most tank tests.

If and when tanks must be removed, Tankmasters does everything in its power to avoid damage to your lawn and landscaping, taking measures to prevent unnecessary yard damage so that sellers can go on showing their home--and buyers don’t get confronted with unnecessary eyesores. Getting the paperwork on the same day (via email or fax) provides immediate peace of mind to our customers, who are often eager to get the tests done quickly when they are in the process of buying or selling a home.

To other commercial and governmental agencies, Tankmasters offers scheduled maintenance, installation services, multi-site testing, training and consulting, and all manner of UST maintenance, including testing, removal, installations, soil testing and remediation services. We offer complete and thorough documentation, via email or fax.

The thing to know about Tankmasters is that we genuinely care about excellence, and it shows in everything we do, from how we treat our customers, to how we treat our employees, to how we treat the inspectors, to how we treat our environment. Everything we do is done "the right way," and that is our guarantee to you, our valued customers.

Remember, we are the only UST tester in Maryland that guarantees our results. That’s how sure we are that Tankmasters gets it right every time!